Idea Distillation

Sometimes ideas feel really big. Sometimes, they feel too big to communicate. Where do you start and what is the most effective way to communicate? If this sounds like a problem you are experiencing then this workshop is for you. It helps you distill the essence of your ideas so you can communicate them more easily.



Sales + Creative Messaging

Have you ever noticed that sales teams and the creative teams seem to rarely interface with each other? This workshop is built around breaking the invisible barrier between your creative and sales team with exercises that help them share their knowledge and creates the foundations to turn out consistent and effective collateral and messaging.



Brand Workshop

Building the foundations of your brand persona is important and if you are caught up on where and how to assign a personality to your brand this one-day is for you. Story Seven will help you facilitate a workshop with leadership, or the whole team, to create a strong foundation to launch on.



Live Design Day

Designers don't usually like to work live and under pressure but we don't sweat it. If you want to have a day to prototype out some design concepts, and quickly, we will sit live with you and work through designs you need on the fly.



"Before working with Story Seven, I was tied up in knots. I knew I needed to tell my story through my brand, but I didn't know how. Story Seven set me free to express my personality and uniqueness through every fiber of my business. After going through the process, I felt peace and confidence that I'd been missing for a long time."

— Kelli Kissack, Kelli Kissack Creative




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