Develop a visual process story...

Processes can be complex and difficult to explain. Most often, we don't have the luxury of that much time to make an impression. 

We are able to assess how to break down your process into simple and easy-to-understand visuals that can help your client understand where they fit and how it works.



or, ready to make your info more digestible?

Maybe you have just completed a project you need to report on or you have 17-page business plan that needs to be transformed into an easily digestible pitch deck.

In any case, we can help you sift through your information and create a story your audience can understand your impact and where your headed.



How do we develop your process story? 

Developing your visuals is best as an iterative process to refine your use of support visualizations in meetings and pitches. There are a wide range of ways to visually diagram your process and each solution is unique.

Many clients find that they are able to create proprietary resources for their company through this exercise.


Process Discovery


Overview of entire process to create a strategy for moving forward.


High-level Story

Visualization that provides an at-a-glance representation of your unique process.


Individual Systems

Break down process into individual modules that identify variable points of the overall.


Detailed sequences

Identify and depict specific links and nodes for individualized sequences.



Want a peek behind the curtain?

Many of our data visualization and process diagrams tend to be proprietary tools that our clients can use as intellectual property. We respect their privacy and are only showing you what we can. Any information design that we can show you can be found in our online portfolio, check out a few of these pieces below!


“...helped me make my proprietary process visual and easy for others to understand.”

Amy helped me make my proprietary process visual and easy for others to understand.  I always had the process, but people only pay for what they see and understand.  Amy helped me do that.  After she helped me create my Awaken Workshop process and make it visual, it generated over $100,000 in new business for me within the same calendar year.  This makes my upfront investment into Amy's work, obviously, more than worth it.  In this coming year, I expect this workshop to drive over $250,000 in revenue. Thanks for your help, patience and support, Amy! 

— Jeremy D. Brown, CEO at Throne Publishing



Sound interesting?

If you think you might need help sifting through your data story or you need a better way to explain your process to your customers then drop us a line below! We can schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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