Develop a visual explanation...

Processes and ideas can be complex and difficult to explain. Most often, we don't have the luxury of deep-dive explanations at first blush. 

Story Seven can help you assess how to break down your process or ideas into simple and easy-to-understand visuals that explain to your audience where they fit and how everything works. This can allow you to let your system be your sales script.



or, ready to make your info more digestible?

Maybe you have just completed a project you need to report on, or you have 17-page business plan that needs to be transformed into an easily digestible pitch deck? Perhaps, you need to explain a large complex topic in a way that doesn’t make people’s eyes glaze over?

In any case, we can help you sift through your information and create a story your audience can easily understand.



Visual Thinking Services


Information Design

Information design, or infographics, can be used to convey a message formed from large sets of data and information transformed into visuals.


Explanation Architecture

With Explanation Architecture, we give you a simple, but effective way to explain how you do what you do, and why you are able to produce results each and every time.


Presentation Design


Visual Business Plans + Models


Reports + Timelines


Onboarding + Training Resources



“[The visualization] has become a standard part of our introductory presentations to customers

[Story Seven] was great. She listened to our needs, asked great questions and iterated over a solution with us until we were happy. [The visualization] has become a standard part of our introductory presentations to customers. If we have similar needs in the future, [Story Seven] will be the first person we call.

—Todd Guenther, Project Manager at Don't Panic Labs



Sound interesting?

If you think you might need help sifting through your data story or you need a better way to explain your process to your customers then drop us a line below! We can schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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Want a peek behind the curtain?

Many of our data visualization and process diagrams tend to be proprietary tools that our clients can use as intellectual property. We respect their privacy and are only showing you what we can. Any information design that we can show you can be found in our online portfolio, check out a few of these pieces below!