These are a few of our favorite things:


Visual THinking strategies

Visual thinking allows us to provide you with an important tool to convey your organization’s processes, ideas, and information.

Brand Consulting

With a background in design and an understanding of design thinking + systems, we know how to create a brand that will help you tell your story.

Facilitated workshops

We can help your company by providing an objective outside perspective to help break down communication barriers and unite your team.



"[Story Seven] brings unique concepts and ideas to each project, but [they] are also grounded enough to take constructive feedback and work collaboratively to make sure the finished product makes the brand come alive."

— Paul TenHaken, Former Client


A Logo RetrospectIVE



Pain points? Does anything here sound familiar to you?

If any of this rings a bell, then we get you. We love to help clients translate their stories into easy-to-understand messages that their audience just "gets". 

I need help...

...making a visual identity.

We've been practicing our design skills for years and we also know how to make a meaningful visual design system for you and your brand. We'd be happy to get to know you and your project goals to create something that will have impact.

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...explaining what I do to my customers.

Sometimes we all need a little help explaining what we do best to others. This is because we may have expertise that comes naturally and automatically to us. At Story Seven, we recognize that you are the best expert in what you do and we love to help you simplify complex messages so that your customers can recognize that too.

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...visualizing my business model.

Sometimes, what a business really needs is a visual to explain it. These can be as simple or complex as you want it to be; it really just depends on who your audience is. We specalize in creating diagrams and visuals that help you tell your process story to any level of audience to create understanding.

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...creating content relevant to my brand.

When creating content it is important that it matches your brand persona. We can help you sift through the noise and discover topics and content that will amplify your voice.

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...creating professional looking reports.

Whether it is reports, documentation, case studies or presentations- we've helped with them all. There is a science in choosing the right information to tell your story effectively when reporting on something important to you and your business.

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...keeping my brand identity consistent.

With all the tools, resources and niche agencies out there creating assets for your brand identity is easier than ever. But every convenience comes with a price and oftentimes it may be your dedication to consistency. It is important for your customers to feel like they know you and if inconsistency arises they may begin to wonder. Let us know if you'd like an audit or need a brand partner so you can avoid paying that price.

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...managing my brand reputation.

Only half of your brand is composed of the promises and messages you put out. The other half is what your customers are saying about you in the marketplace. Making sure what you are putting out matches with what others are saying is what we call brand integrity. This is an important step and it starts with being proactive about your reputation.

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...coming up with interesting ideas to boost my brand.

Sometimes we need to stand out a little more than others. Let us know if you want to create an experience that is going to make people think "well, that's interesting!"

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...creating or translating designs in another language.

Feel free to inquire with us about what are languages we can accommodate and translate. Right now we can handle English to Arabic, English to Spanish, and English to French. We are always expanding these opportunities to be able to be more inclusive!



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