What can a simple explanation do?

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How to increase your organization's efficiency and impact.

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"[This explanation] has become the cornerstone and guide post for every customer interaction."

"We have historically had a difficult time explaining to people how we are going to move them from an idea to creating a product through standing up a team in any tangible way. Most organizations don't attempt to address business complexity, requirements complexity, and solution complexity in any coherent way. It is a difficult business proposition to explain.

[This explanation] has become the cornerstone and guide post for every customer interaction. Every client presentation begins with a review of the visualization as a reminder of the process and where we currently are. This review is has a ton of great effects, but my favorite is the anxiety it removes from the room. It makes it clear to our potential and signed clients that we have a plan because we have been here before, a bit of a "Don't Panic" we've been here before and we have a plan."

— Bill Udell, COO/Integrator at Don't Panic Labs



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