Need to start from scratch...

We can help you build the foundations of your brand. It is important to set the tone for your persona and to develop a visual identity system (logos, imagery, styles) that will convey who you are.


or, are you ready to polish?

Take a deep dive into understanding the experience you are providing your customers.  Refine or evolve your voice in the marketplace and define your brand standards across all communications.


A few things to consider.



Your identity is more than a logo. Crafting both your visual language and establishing your voice and tone  will help you maintain consistency and build a strong brand for customers to interact with. 



With the advent of the internet, people are sharing their experiences faster than ever before. It is important to assess whether the brand promises you make line up with the experiences your customer is having.



What your audience says about you in the marketplace is important. Having a proactive strategy to collect feedback and boost your reputation is an integral part of creating a strong brand.



A brand handbook is a great measure to take in ensuring your brand maintains consistency. You can use this handbook to inform anyone who you work with of how your brand should be promoted.



Need to see it, before you believe it?

Here's a preview of some of our handiwork. But please don't stop here! These are a few previews of our logo work. But keep in mind, your logo is just the tip of an iceberg called "your brand." We can help with so much more, from your voice and tone, all the way to your reputation management.

"...Story Seven not only had a thorough process but also gave us exactly what we wanted based on some vague initial ideas that we probably don't fully understand your brand until you chat with Amy."

— Lauren Forsch, Partner at Alluvio


But wait. Theres more.



Ready to hear more?

Whether you are starting from scratch or just need a little help polishing, we can help you with your brand identity and strategy. Drop us a line below and we will schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we can help.

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